What is a Green Funeral?

How might a green funeral differ from other contemporary funerals? While there is no one standard for a green funeral, planning decisions may be made which, to varying degrees, influence the environmental impact of our end-of-life practices.

A preference for environmentally sustainable end-of life practices may influence many choices, including:

  • The choice of materials used to create the casket, urn, or shroud selected
  • How a body is prepared and what embalming are fluids used, if any
  • The type and location of the cemetery or burial ground selected
  • The environmental impact of the living tributes selected
  • Options for permanent memorials to the deceased
  • The nature and location of an end-of-life ritual
  • The elements of a home or public visitation
  • The nature of a memorial gathering

Funeral homes may apply for and receive certification from the Green Burial Council if their service and product offerings include these options:

  • Preparation of the body in a non-invasive way and without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Home vigils and public visitations, without the requirement of embalming with toxic chemicals
  • Offering three or more burial containers (i.e. caskets/urns) approved by the Green Burial Council
  • Some staff has participated in approved eco-friendly funeral service training

Earning a three-leaf rating requires meeting each of the above standards. Our three locations are the only funeral homes in Maine and Vermont that have earned certification, and each meets the three-leaf standard.

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