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Green Products and Services

Today there are many green products and services available to the concerned consumer. While some of our offerings are described and pictured here, many others are available as well. We are your professional resource for accessing those items that will match your specific preferences and requirements. Please feel free to contact us regarding your needs.

Burial or Cremation Caskets

Prices range from $995 to $1,495

Willow*: Fast-growing and easy to harvest, willow plants do not require fertilizers and replenish nutrients in depleted soils. Each hand-crafted willow casket features an organic cotton interior lining and pillow.

Willow Casket

Wool*: Crafted from pure virgin wool — a fiber that is both sustainable and biodegradable — the Wool casket is supported by a strong recycled fiberboard frame and is fitted with an organic cotton interior.

Wool Coffin

New England Made: This eastern white pine casket features flared sides, a beveled base, dove tailed corner joints and swing bar handles made of natural sisal rope. Unlined. Made in Maine.

New England Made Pine Casket

New England Made*: This lined, pine casket is made from “eco-friendly” materials approved by the Green Burial Council. Made in Massachusetts.

New England Made Pine Casket

Cremation Urns

Prices range from $295 to $395

Oceane Sand Urn*: When placed in water, the Oceane Sand urn will float briefly before drifting below the surface to dissolve. (Federal regulations require cremated remains to be released three or more nautical miles from shore.)

Oceane Sand Urn

Rippling Waters Bamboo Urn: This bamboo urn features a laser-cut water design and is lined with unbleached natural flax linen.

Rippling Waters Bamboo Urn

Earthurn®*: A beautiful range of water and earth biodegradeable urns made from paper, hemp and/or bamboo is available.


Burial or Cremation Shrouds

Prices range from $299 to $550

Natural Fiber Shrouds*: Can be used for cremation, ground burial or in-casket burial.  A range of natural options is available.

Eco-Conscious Greenery

Prices range from $75 to $95

Peace Lily Basket: Enjoy the natural beauty and symbol of tranquility embodied in the peace lily. Presented in a natural container.

Peace Lily Basket

Potted Rosemary Tree: Lift spirits with this beautiful and fragrant gift of the herb of remembrance, fidelity and love. 18” tall, planted in a natural container.

Potted Rosemary Tree

Lemon Cypress Topiary: This aromatic topiary combines the beautiful symbolism of lemon (friendship and love) with that of cypress (healing and comfort). 20” tall, planted in a natural container.

Lemon Cypress Topiary

Lasting Memorials

Prices range from $95 to $2,995

Locally Raised Plantings:  Plant a locally grown tree or bush in commemoration of your loved one. Select a location at home, at the burial site, or anywhere of significance.

Memorial Tree: Planting a tree is a beautiful way to honor a cherished person. A living memorial symbolizes strength and endurance, as the memorial oak tree has the potential to live for centuries and grow to 80 feet in height, with a canopy spread of more than 100 feet. Each tree kit includes a biodegradable vase and saucer, nutritional soil, moss, preconditioned seeds to ensure germination, and growing directions.

Memorial Tree

Plant a Forest: We are pleased to present an opportunity for your family to help bring new life to our National Forests. Under the guidance of the Arbor Day Foundation, approximately one acre of trees will be planted and registered in a National Forest in honor of your loved one. This incredible living monument will provide homes and food for animals, keep the air fresh and clean and serve as a powerful symbol of commitment to forest life.

Plant a Forest

Sea Oats Community Reef: An eternal reef creates a beautiful environmental legacy and a home for life beneath the sea. The Sea Oats community reef is a system of environmentally safe concrete domes that provide new marine habitats for fish and other forms of sea life. Cremated remains help form the dome mixture. After curing, the domes are placed in the ocean as artificial reef formations. The family chooses the actual reef location from a selection of permissible sites.

Sea Oats Community Reef

Memorial Stationery

Prices range from $125 to $195

“Cherish” Green Memorial Stationery: Natural purity and a sense of reflective peace define this special set, which includes a hand assembled, oversized memorial book, acknowledgement cards, memorial folders, bookmarks and a seeded heart for planting.

"Cherish" Green Memorial Stationery

This Good Earth Series™ box set, made of post-consumer paper products and graced with a beautiful fern design, includes a guest registry, service folders and thank you cards.

This Good Earth Series Stationery


*Green Burial Council certified.