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Family Burial Grounds

In New England the long-established practice of burying family members in a private family burial ground remains an option. In both Maine and Vermont landowners may establish family burial grounds on private property. In doing so you are able to influence the degree to which your burial ground might impact the environment. We are knowledgeable and experienced in helping families establish their own burial grounds, which meet local guidelines:

Maine Family Burial Grounds

  • Developed on private land; the family establishes green parameters if it desires
  • ¼ acre or less, for burial of 12 people or fewer, with a clearly delineated boundary
  • Not within 100’ of a well or body of water; nearby earth moving is not permitted
  • Recorded, with the local Town Clerk, on the deed to the property
  • No registration with the State of Maine is required

Vermont Family Burial Grounds

  • State law permits family burial grounds to be developed on private land
  • The landowner establishes green parameters if desired
  • Recorded, with the local Town Clerk, on the deed to the property
  • Not within 100’ of a well, 150’ feet of another water supply, or 25’ of a power line
  • Consultation with your Town attorney, code officer and/or health officer is recommended