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Welcome to New England Green Funerals

Earth friendly products and services are becoming more desirable and readily available in many areas of our lives.  Today many consumers are interested in making final arrangements which are earth friendly as well.  New England Green Funerals is your resource for green funerals and burials in Maine and Vermont.

We are pleased to be among the first in our profession to offer green funeral and burial products and services.  Our end-of-life selections provide relevant and fitting tributes to help honor and celebrate lives both well lived and thoughtfully lived.

Our green products are simple and made from natural, sustainable, materials including willow, sand, linen, wool and wood.  Some are even made right here in New England.  Our goal is to provide you with the natural eco-friendly funeral and burial choices that you have been looking for.

Please explore this website and feel free to contact us at any of our funeral homes in Maine and Vermont.